Biodynamic therapies can help promote emotional, mental and physical health through the restoration of the vital flow of life energy between the body and mind.

   "Bio" mean life, "dynamic" means movement.

When a person's flow of life energy is inhibited or stopped through stressful or traumatic experiences it may lead to physiological and psychological compromises that do not support health and wellbeing. Biodymanic therapies aim to re-engage this natural flow to bring a renewed sense of peace, balance and relaxation.  This multi-faceted approach combines the principles of bodywork (massage) and neuroscience with psychotherapy to assist healing at a fundamental level and promote lasting benefits for each individual.

"There is an innate healing mechanism in the body which dissolves nervous tension in the muscles and resolves emotional and psychological conflict - on the unconscious and organic level." 


Gerda Boyesen

Clinical Psychologist (1922-2005)

Founder of Biodynamic Psychology