About Joanna

Joanna is a licenced Biodynamic Psychotherapist with the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine (IOBM) and her practice is registered as a Biodynamic Clinic. She completed her 5 year training in 2008 under the supervision of Founder and Principal Mary Molloy. Joanna was privileged to be taught by Gerda Boyesen® during her training. She benefits from the ongoing support and supervision of the IOBM. 



Joanna has an Honors Degree in Humanities, a Certificate in Counselling and a Master Practitioner certificate in NLP.



Evenings and Weekends

Joanna's Biodynamic Way

My approach to Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Massage developed over many years; throughout my training, my personal journey and my practice. I believe Biodynamic principles don't just apply "in" therapy, they can be used in our daily lives in a holistic way to support balance and wellbeing. Gerda Boysen states we have an internal healing mechanism within us, my aim is to work with my clients to understand this vital principle, access it and apply this resource to successfully manage the challenges of life. I like to think of this as building and sustaining an emotional immune system. Once we have a platform for making better choices, (i.e. ones that support our true self) we have a greater sense of freedom and peace, which can permeate other aspects of our lives. I believe we all have the potential to achieve balance in our lives, especially in the busy world of today.

It Starts With You, It Ends With You... And I Am With You All The Way