What happens in a Biodynamic Treatment?

Each Biodynamic treatment can be different.  The holistic approach focuses on the client’s needs and works with what is presented in the session. The overall aim is to bring relief, resolution and understanding. The uniqueness of working with both the mind and body is that the therapist can use a wide range of interventions and treatments. Sometimes a person needs to speak and the session will focus more talking it through to work "it" out, on other occasions a person is unable to speak and what is needed is to heal on the physical level through body work.  


A Biodynamic session gives the client the time and space to work through their challenges in a safe environment.

Every Biodynamic treatment room will provide a warm and welcoming space with two chairs and a treatment table. A client's modesty is always considered and massage can be performed on clothing, however maximum benefits are achieved if the therapist is working in direct contact with the skin.

The First Visit

At the first visit, a Client Information Record (CIR) is completed and this is a time to discuss all aspects of what the client needs, determining how biodynamic therapy can help, agreeing mutual goals and workable outcomes (settling the contract). The CIR gathers information on lifestyle (diet/exercise/sleep), general medical history and current symptoms or relevant information the client would like to share. All is welcome.

Client privacy is very important, the information shared is used in accordance with the IOBM Privacy Policy.

Once the CIR has been talked through, the first biodynamic treatment will begin. During a biodynamic massage, a loud speaker stethoscope is placed on the lower abdomen to monitor the sounds of the gut. Gerda Boyesen called this psycho-peristalsis - the ability of the gut to digest and eliminate the effects of stress.

Often at the end of a treatment the client rests on their left side a short while to encourage the integration of what has been worked through.