Biodynamic Psychology & Its Founder

Biodynamic Psychology and its related therapies were developed by the Norwegian Clinical Psychologist, Gerda Boyesen ® (1922-2005). Gerda trained in many disciplines, including Psychology and Physiotherapy. Her many years of experience in working with both the mind and body led her to develop her theories and as a result, Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Massage and other treatments were founded.

One of Gerda’s most important discoveries, which lies at the heart of Biodynamic practices, was that the digestive system (gut) has a dual function, not only to digest food, but also stress, nervous tension and unresolved emotions or conflicts.  It was based on the observation that the brain and gut are intimately connected and affect each other. This brain-gut axis has been confirmed in the field of neuro-science; the gut has thousands of neuro-transmitters which directly connect to the brain.   Gerda named this vital healing mechanism between brain and gut “psycho-perilstalsis”.  The more psycho-peristalsis is encouraged and released in the gut then the more a patient is able to heal, integrate and eliminate the effects of stress (bio-chemical) and emotional experiences. She also discovered that the process of "digesting" psychological problems can be accompanied by new insights.

To listen to the sounds of psycho-peristalsis, a stethoscope is placed on the client’s lower abdomen and by monitoring these sounds, the practitioner can assist them to unlock and clear deep inner tensions and unresolved emotions.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy & Massage

Gerda built on this knowledge by combining talking methods (psychotherapy) and specialised body work techniques (massage).  Biodynamic massage can be applied at bone, muscle, skin and aura levels.  There are a range of Biodynamic Massage methods that can be applied during a treatment and/or within a psychotherapy process, according to the needs of the client.

Biodynamic psychotherapy supports the client’s progress in their own way. The completion of emotional cycles and the corresponding physiological and psychic resolution is an essential aspect of Biodynamic Psychotherapy.